Opening up a Conversation

Each person and each relationship is unique.
Resolving any conflict will be unique too.


Mediation is a formal process that supports people to argue without the argument getting out of hand. Many people find it difficult to:

1. Keep the argument moving forward without getting dragged back to the past. Mediation is future focussed, so in 3-4 hours you can talk about:

  • Why you want to resolve the issue your way
  • What compromises will work so you are BOTH comfortable with the outcome and more likely to stick with it
  • How this is going to be carried out so you are both clear on what is going to happen and not need to argue about this again

2. Stay calm and open to hearing what the other person is saying. Some people get defensive, others go on the attack. Either way, it is hard to find a solution to the problem unless you can keep control over your emotions

Mediators have tools to help you both stay calm and focussed on resolving your argument leading to a much better chance that you will never argue on this problem again.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a one on one process where you are guided through the skills you  need to resolve conflict when the other person is not interested in resolution other than getting their own way. Often this will be in tandem with other courses such as PET or SOME or WCMT.

Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

As Dr Thomas Gordon (creator of PET) says, ‘Parenting is the job for which we receive the least training’ and yet for most of us it is the most important job we will ever have.

This is an extensive course of eight 3 hour sessions run during the school terms in Australia giving proven practical skills and a chance to practice them with coaching to ensure the best success in improving your relationship with your children.

Save Our Marriage Experience (SOME)

Divorce rates are around 50% of all marriages in Australia. The number one reason people cite for separating from their partner are difficulties in communication.

Save your marriage (and the $00,000s it costs to separate) by enhancing your communication skills.

Workplace Conflict Management Training (WCMT)

Being a manager these days means dealing with conflict between different personalities in the workplace. This can cost time and money in managing these personalities or, worse, finding and training their replacement.

Learn communication skills to bring out the best in your employees AND/OR ‘managing up’.

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